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Spring is a fantastic time to have babies! And to get a massage!

We now offer prenatal massage! We have special cushions to allow blessed-with-baby clients to recline, lay face down and on her side comfortably.

Having been born in the 80s, I'm getting to an age where my friends are getting pregnant for the first time. While hosting a new life inside of you is an amazing, wondrous thing, it comes with some discomfort to say the least. Low back and hip soreness, migraines, fatigue, swollen feet, and stress are some of the more common complaints I hear from my baby maker friends. How to help them? "Is it safe to get a massage while pregnant?" they ask. The answer is absolutely, yes!

Massage can make pregnancy a much more comfortable journey. Not only does it relieve stress and anxiety, it also reduces muscle tension which may in turn also reduce pain, particularly sciatica related pain. Are those feet swollen? Massage also helps to reduce edema and water retention by increasing circulation. Having trouble sleeping? Rest and relaxation will come much easier as a result of massage, thanks to lowered stress hormone levels.

Positioning for pregnancy Depending on the clients' specific needs, she may lay in side lying, prone (face down), or reclining supine (face up) position throughout the session. She may lay face down as I have a special bolster cushion with cut outs for the breasts and tummy, unless there are particular health risks for her specifically. However, this position is limited to thirty minutes or less so as to not risk increased pressure on uterine structures and back pain. Side lying is especially comfortable with our bolsters and pillows, supporting belly, neck, legs and hips.

In any case, check with your doctor to be sure it's safe for you to receive a massage before your session.

Want to know more?

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