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Disabled BIPOC Woman-Owned 

We make you feel good about being in your body, no matter what the world tells you.


For every individual, our technical approach varies but our goal is the same - to show you the potential for how amazing you can feel in your body. We're constantly bombarded with negative messaging either from our nervous system (physical discomfort, pain) or from the world (work demands, relational stress, systemic oppression). We're here to validate your existence in literal space, because you deserve to feel good simply by laying there.


We all have different sensory needs.  Some need firm, broad pressure, others more detailed targeted work.  Some need gentler flowing strokes, others need passive movement.   Some need rhythmic pushing and pulling, others need more targeted lifting and kneading.  Most of us need a variety of these different techniques depending on the day and the area of the body. We're experts at accommodating these varying needs.

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Karen Oyama, LMT

License #MA60678905

SPECIALTIES: Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Swedish Relaxation, Cupping

MASSAGE STYLE:  Medium-firm pressure with soothing strokes, targeted deep pressure when requested

A strong, yet intuitive massage therapist, Karen is a graduate of Discovery Point School of Massage in Seattle.  Her style is a potent combination of deep body work, Sports massage, and firm Swedish techniques.  She is a native of the Pacific
Northwest and is married with two children. In her free time, Karen loves to run, bike, swim and hike.  Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Karen used her degree in Food Science to work as a microbiologist and then in research and development for a food manufacturing company.

After staying at home for a few years to raise her kids, Karen began searching for a new career – something where she felt she could make a positive impact in people’s lives, something that would be rewarding for her and others. Having always been a proponent of natural medicine and having a deep fascination of how the body moves, she went back to school to become a massage therapist.

Karen believes that massage is a collaborative process between the client and therapist. Her quality education, ongoing continuing education, as well as her work at a medical massage clinic, have given her the knowledge to work with her clients to meet their therapeutic goals, be that treatment or relaxation. She is known to put her clients at ease and adapt her style to their needs. Nothing is more rewarding to her than a satisfied client!

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Jo Anderson, LMT

License #MA60914891

Specialties: Ashiatsu, Swedish, Cupping Massage

Massage Style: Medium default pressure, slow soothing strokes with deep targeted pressure when requested

Jo Anderson is deeply passionate about human bodies and our many wacky experiences in
them. After graduating from Alexander School of Natural Therapeutics and Massage, they set out to
create a restorative and individualized experience of healing in every session they offer. With six
years of professional experience, their style seamlessly blends Swedish Deep Tissue, Relaxation,
Triggerpoint, and Energetic Techniques. In addition, they are certified and well-practiced in Ashiatsu
(barefoot massage), Pre-natal, Aromatherapy, and Cupping.

As a queer and neurodivergent bodyworker, Jo specializes in taking a trauma-informed approach
to massage and creating a sensory-friendly, tailored experience for all body types and all walks of
life. They believe safe and professional touch can improve mental health, manage chronic pain, and
ease the stress of daily life. Their clients have described their style as nurturing, firm yet soothing,
relieving, and compassionate.
Outside of work, Jo enjoys exploring the community with their faithful dog Sandy, supporting
the arts, and listening to every type of podcast under the sun. They look forward to meeting you!

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Rosie Langlois, LMT

License #MA00022690

SPECIALTIES: Swedish Deep Tissue

MASSAGE STYLE:  Firm pressure with soothing strokes, targeted deep pressure.

Rosie graduated from Ashmead School of Massage in 2006 and has 17.5 years of massage experience, mostly in clinical treatment settings. She loves deep tissue work and has an affinity for neck and shoulder work because of an old injury from childhood. This injury has led to a lifetime of managing her own body everyday to keep it functional! Rosie massages with sympathy, compassion, and intuition. 


Rosie is also a mother to four wonderful kids ranging in age from 23 to 7 years. In her free time she enjoys traveling to the coast with family.

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June Nelson, LMT


License #MA61201120

SPECIALTIES: Swedish Deep Tissue, Cupping Massage

PERSONAL MASSAGE STYLE: Medium to Firm general pressure, firm sustained strokes, targeted deep work.

June is a lifelong Tacoma resident and a 2019 graduate of Clover Park Technical College's massage program. They were inspired to become a massage therapist out of a desire to help others, and their approach centers collaboration, communication, and belonging. They see massage as a transformative healthcare practice, and believe all people should feel safe experiencing its benefits regardless of age, ability, gender, size, culture, or class. After noticing improved mind-body connections through receiving bodywork, they find it truly rewarding to provide bodywork for others.

June loves getting to know clients and tailoring their treatments to meet each person's specific needs and goals. They blend relaxation and deep tissue techniques to build sessions that flow between soothing and therapeutic. In addition to Swedish Massage, they are trained in cupping, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release.

When they're not massaging, June enjoys playing guitar, songwriting, furniture upholstery, leatherwork, and video games. They spend most of their free time hanging out at home with their spouse, dog, and cats.

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Carol Bui, LMT and Owner

License #MA60354041

SPECIALTIES:  Neck & Jaw, Intra-Oral, Swedish Deep Tissue, Cupping Massage, Massage for Psychedelic Ceremony Prep and Integration (more on that later!)

Carol has been practicing as a massage therapist since 2013 when she graduated from the Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics.  Every session is carefully curated for the individual.  That said, clients love her graceful yet firm strokes as much as they love her expert, almost scary attention to detail.

Carol uses strong yet soothing Swedish techniques and Tui-Na inspired kneading, often with strategic applications of deep pressure seamlessly woven in for the ultimate endorphin-release.  Her special interest is in detailed neck, face, and jaw work, and has had her endorsement for Intra-Oral massage since 2017.  She also provides silicone cupping massage for a contrasting sensory experience.

As a disabled neurodivergent mother of 2 littles and proud daughter of Vietnamese refugees, she understands all too personally how the harrowing experiences we've had, and that of our ancestors, impacts our bodies. Her mission with Rapture is to show that not only are we capable of feeling joy and safety deep in our bodies but that we're entitled to it.  At the very least while on her massage table.

When not massaging or running Rapture, Carol loves to make music, dance (Egyptian style raqs), doodle, collect stickers, and be with her spouse and kiddos.  

Carol firmly believes in the healing power of touch, music,  movement, and plants. 

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