COVID 19 - Is it safe for you to get a massage right now? 

Prior to each session, we screen each client to minimize the spread of COVID19 in our community.  This helps to keep you, our staff, and all of our clients safe and healthy.  We are also following strict sanitation guidelines from the CDC and professional massage organizations.  We also wear both a mask and a face shield while in session.  You have a right to request how we sanitize and disinfect in between sessions.


Please know that people with COVID-19 can be asymptomatic and still be contagious. There is no way to completely protect ourselves from this virus.   Right before each session, we ask these questions before deciding to proceed with the session.   It's also a good idea to review these questions 24 hours in advance just in case so you don't have to come all the way to our office only to have to cancel or reschedule because of increased risk.

We also require that you properly wear a face mask or covering that covers the nose and mouth.  Face shields alone are not sufficient.   If you forget yours, we can provide one for an additional fee of $5.  You will also be required to wash your hands prior to treatment. 


Please Note: We will not allow anyone without a proper face covering to enter the building.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.   

COVID-19 Screening Questions

Testing status

  1. Have you been tested for COVID? The antibody test?

  2. When? What were the results?


  1. Are you experiencing a fever?  Have you had one in the past 14 days?

  2. Cough?

  3. Sore throat?

  4. Shortness of breath?

  5. Sudden loss of taste and smell?

  6. Fatigue?

  7. Chills?

  8. Nasal or sinus congestion?

  9. Sudden onset body aches?

  10. New rash or other changes to your skin?



  1. Are you aware of having been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms during the past 14 days?

  2. Have you done any air travel, domestic or international recently?

  3. Have you traveled to any places with a high infection rate, where people have not been isolating (no stay at home order), or been in any groups of people where social distancing was not observed?


  1. What precautions have you taken to limit your exposure to the virus?

  2. Do you spend time around anyone considered high risk, such as elderly with co-morbidities or immunocompromised family members?

  3. Are you willing to wash your hands upon entering our office and post-massage?

  4. Are you willing to wear a face mask while on the premises?

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We are in network providers for Aetna, Cigna and Corvel.  We are credentialed with Premera for out of network benefits.  This list may expand in the future.


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